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Real Results With Fitness Plans You’ll Actually WANT To Do! (For People Who’ve “Tried Everything” To Get In Shape…)

  • Tired of avoiding mirrors and feeling uncomfortable in clothes?
  • Feel like there’s no diet or exercise routine that really works?
  • Hate the idea of walking into a gym to exercise?
  • Starting to think you might as well settle for the body you’ve got…
  • (…even though you KNOW you could be healthier…and happier)?

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It’s NEVER too late to start getting fitter, slimmer, and stronger. Even if you’ve tried it all.

The problem isn’t you. Your body will respond, if you find the right approach. True “Personal” Training, from a real human being (not the internet)!

Most people’s fitness journey is over before it’s begun. Why? Because they don’t have the SUPPORT they need. With someone in your corner, you will never lose motivation!

Get in touch and we’ll find the best personalised exercise and nutrition package for YOU.

Chris Doel Personal Training is a friendly team of fitness experts in Folkestone. Our simple, no-fuss, FUN approach transforms lives. And it will work for you, too.

How would it feel to be free of food demons, look great in new clothes, and to feel GREAT in your own body – every day?

Take that first step and we will make your dreams your reality.

Who Else Is Ready For Results Like THESE Folkestone Women?

Just about the best decision I ever made!

“I had no intention of having sessions with a Personal Trainer. But after working with Chris, I noticed I felt much more motivated and positive. I quickly realised what a difference the guidance and support of an expert can make – you really feel as if you’re going somewhere. I’ve never been sporty, but I’m getting on in years and wanted to lose some weight. In less than 3 months, my back is almost straight, my body has re-shaped itself dramatically and my joints and muscles are gaining strength every day. And I’ve become a gym convert! I feel so proud when I find I can do something I couldn’t do a few weeks before. My goals have become much more ambitious. And this is from a dedicated chocolate and cake-eating couch-potato! It’s a whole new life!”



“Chris is extremely knowledgeable and his enthusiasm rubs off on his clients. His sessions are always very challenging and maintain a sense of fun. Chris crafts his programmes individually to get the best out of you. He really builds up your confidence. And it’s not just about the training. I think all of us who train with him appreciate how lucky we are to have him.”