Chris Doel: Head Trainer & Chief Motivator

“I’ve been passionate about the fitness industry since I was 16 years old. I’m now a husband, Dad, and business owner who has seen just how challenging it can be to get fit and stay healthy in real life! My mission in life is helping people like you find a way to fall in love with fitness. Being fitter, stronger, and slimmer should make your life better. Let me show you how.Chris Doel

“I seem to be the sort of person who influences other people, so being a Personal Trainer is a wonderful way for me to help people achieve their physical, nutritional, and emotional goals. Personal Training with me is not just about losing weight or shaping up. It’s about being happier in every walk of your life.

“I can usually see someone’s potential even if they can’t. Together, we can make it a reality. Most of my clients spend time with me outside of their dedicated training sessions in the gym. They talk, I listen, and we discuss how health and fitness fits into their lives. I really want to help you, not just train you. I build people up.

“Family is so important to me. In February 2015, my Mum passed away less than two weeks after we discovered that she had several aggressive tumours. I wasn’t prepared for the loss, but it taught me a profound lesson: life is very short, and you only have one body, so treat it with respect and aim for health and happiness.

“I dedicate myself to helping others, and my clients keep on coming back month after month. I would love to help you live a healthier, happier life with fitness at the heart of it.”